Heno. - GAMBIT Lyric Video (Prod. Chaz Bear)

Directed by taramoves
Tools: Rough Animator, Adobe After Effects
Music Video Commission, 2021

“I could lose it all, so I don't ever take this shit for granted
No, this wasn't random, had a vision, then I planned it
Took the cards that I was dealt and flipped them like I’m Gambit 
If you ain’t come up how I came up, you can't understand it”

This lyric video was born from five years of friendships and relationships built among creatives in the Oakland, California and the larger Bay Area, speaking to the vibrancy of the creative community in the Bay both aesthetically and literally in the depiction of 30+ indidivuals who contributed to the growth of both the musical artist Heno. and the visual artist taranoves. It’s a vision of gratitude and accomplishment that also alludes to a deeper and complicated history with each dancer.

Early color & geometry tests. Scene was built in 2D to look like orthographic projection.
Final single cover including all dancers.